Mona Lisa, 1980, embroidered wall rug, 65/55



Drawing embroidered wall rugs, Gasharov commenced Bulgarian pop-art

(...) His big exhibition in “Raiko Alexiev” gallery raises the question about the place of this bright artist in the history of the most contemporary Bulgarian art. He stirs the urban folklore in his daily-mode concreteness and banality. Masked behind a sort of play with kitsch or naivism, Gasharov in fact creates a variant of pop-art which is deeply rooted in Bulgarian reality. The travestying meeting between “low” and “high”, the touching between different sign systems has heuristic nature in Gasharov’s works. In fact it is not that the artist severs connections with normativeness but rather that he offers a different interpretation of reality – that there is one other world, slightly concealed but not poorer than the common world we know.

Ruen Ruenov

 Art Expert




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