april, 2006

(...)  In the portrait of the poet Ani Ilkov the nominative discourse and the physical authenticity are just a first single step towards the goal – to reveal the extraordinary spirituality and hypersensitivity of the poet. Gasharov deems the meaning of gift and intelligence mostly to be their ethical mission – a moral responsibility and anxiety for the fortunes of society and the world. These black gimlet eyes, filled with excruciating fluster, as if can see through an invisible threat arising from the mystery of cosmic darkness or in the abyss of human madness. The prophetical vision of the portrait is performed in dark painting scale which expresses such irrepressible psychic energy preparing as if to blow up the canvas   and   fill   out   the  space  with vibrations and tensions. The frame here is indeed unnecessary. We do not stay in front of the portrait – we are in it and it engraves upon us.

A Portrait of Ani Ilkov, 2002, oil on canvas, 85/80

engraves upon us. Thus the face does not simply depict “Ani Ilkov” but rather the alert conscience and prophetical mind of a restless enlightener.  


Tsveta Trifonova, Expert in Literature

Institute for Literature, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences






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