(…) I do not know what life is to Gasharov – a fair, a shooting ground, an island of dreams or something completely different. I know we could not comprehend his art without talking about the man and his world. Gasharov is the one who introduced the subject of the little man to contemporary Bulgarian painting - the little man in his great, and, of course, unconscious daily humaneness. The prosaic mode of life and people captivated in its rhythm render us on Gasharov’s canvas warmed and transformed. The objects that surround them, often taken also from the panoply of the banal, even the kitsch, come to life with unaffected cordiality. The wall embroideries and fair roosters compete here with the placard-known “starry” images typical of mass taste.

 Maybe these ideas of Rumen Gasharov’s, so original for our art, would not achieve this enchantment and power of expression unless the artistic and philosophic attitude of the artist were accompanied by his sense of making, of craftsmanship, also by his mature plastic culture visible yet in the first experimental works of the artist.

Gasharov’s paintings are a place where erudition

The Yellow Motorcycle, 1972,  mixed techn., 85/70


and intelligence meet simple-hearted love and sensitivity to naively ordinary things and human experience. This, in fact, is only too natural. Because there is nothing as multifaceted as life and nowhere else do life’s games and transformations gather as if focused in a mirror as this happens in art.

Professor Ruja Marinska 
Art Expert



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