15. 10. 1999

(…) Rumen Gasharov has always differed from the constellation of quite serious artists of his generation in his sense of humour and his attempt to create a picture of time, in a collage of characters and behaviors – visible or hidden, demonstrated or concealed. With a pop-art manner in Bulgarian folk style (due to his love of objects and items emblematic of Bulgarian sub-culture like embroidered wall rugs, fair shooting grounds, street placards and kitsch souvenirs) he delves in those despicable layers of expansive everyday aesthetics which shape the minds of immense masses of people. In his works are visible ironical contrapositions between sophisticated art values and naive kitchen embroideries, idyllic sceneries and prosaic female bodies, beautiful faces and faces lacking in spirit, hidden behind glasses. Gasharov is among the few artists belonging to the generation of “heavy artillery” who still continues to emanate freshness.

Maria Vassileva

 Art Expert




           Kitsch – still life, 1979, mixed techniques, pressboard, 84/70,

           House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo



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