(...) My creative work develops in several directions. One of them is in search of those aspects of urban mode of living and spirit of the ordinary man which nowadays urbanisation passes by with some haughtiness and condemns as “kitsch”, “outdated” due to their inability to integrate in the fashionable forms of communication. The man from the narrow patriarchal space instantly appears amidst the sounding solitude of the panels, amidst the polished design of the cupboards and standard kitchen interior and he needs to be convinced that this is the contemporary way of living. This situation is now in crisis because more and more acutely comes the feeling that something extremely valuable dies out, something due to contradict the growing dehumanisation in our lives.

 This direction in my creative work produces works of art that depict the discrepancies between the pursuit of happiness and reality. In the painting “Rush hour” – in the overcrowded tram, among the multitude of unified faces, the face of a child shines as a sign of hope, turned towards the viewer. In “Central railway station” the anonymous passengers with suitcases are an image of the faceless man, enclosed by a heavy social fence.


Opening of the Site, 1973, oil on canvas, 135/150 House of the Humore and Satire, Gabrovo


In some cases I tend to use irony in order to express my attitude to events which receive too pathetic and pompous comments. The painting “Launch of the site” ridicules the empty ostentation of such “official” happenings, the replacement of real values when controversy is hidden or seemingly smoothened and complicated human relations are aligned.

Rumen Gasharov



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